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Silent Perkins Diesel Generators


History of Perkins power Generators

Diesel Perkins GeneratorPerkins diesel Engines known officially as Perkins Engines Company Limited is a branch of Caterpillar Inc.. Perkins engines are originally a diesel engine producer. It produces generators for a lot of markets including industries like agricultural industry, construction industry, power generating industry and lots more. Perkin engines were founded in Peterborough, England in the year 1932.

Perkins has extended its array of engine types after a lot of years and is currently producing over thousand different forms of engines which include both diesel and gas engines.


F. Perkins Ltd was sold to its top customer, Massey Ferguson, in 1959. The company kept distinct identity while the business retained the name of Perkins Engines but in 1994, it became a branch of LucasVarity. As the company continues to improve and develop, Perkins updated its engines to comply with harder emissions rules and additionally developed collections of fresh generator models.


Perkins was a supplier to Caterpillar Inc. as far back as in 1970s. It was purchased by Caterpillar in 1998 at the rate of 1.325 billion US dollars. This made them to form what they alleged to be the largest global diesel engine producer.

As the company continued to grow and expand, Perkins currently have manufacturing branches in the UK, US, Brazil, China, India, Japan and many more countries.

Perkins Silent diesel generator servicing

Perkins silent diesel generator construction meet emissions standards and can be composed of completely original machine parts that re sturdy enough to last for reasonable number of years. To ensure that individuals who want to take advantage of the excellent quality standard of Perkins silent diesel generator, the company provides cost effective solution for their silent diesel generator sales. Also to accommodate individuals who want to refurbish their generator instead of purchasing new ones, silent diesel generator servicing plan is also designed to meet their needs.

Perkins offers all the collection of generator industry’s most complete range of spare parts and replacement engines that are presently and very affordable in every part of the globe.

Perkins thus can assist you to boost the life span of your diesel generator and offer you a better ROI through their Silent diesel generator servicing program.

Perkins Diesel Generators NSWEach of the Perkins diesel power generators come with an exclusive serial number which serves as the Perkins engine’s fingerprint. Perkin use the serial number to know the production year, country where the machine was produced, the component parts of the engine, the configuration and the first application including the name of the original buyer of the machine.

Any time you require replacement parts or silent generator servicing, the employees of Perking from their distribution network worldwide would easily be able to assist you with what is needed for your machine through the serial number.

Perkins Power Corp. offer top silent diesel servicing. To achieve this, they train all their properly train their technicians to take care of the most updated diagnostic and servicing equipment. They also have in their warehouse the right tools and equipment to carry out any type of repair. They can as well test engines and generators of all sizes and service every diesel generator make and model.

Diesel Generator Sales NSW

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